Four wheel skateboard

- Apr 11, 2016-

In 2006, a company called Nextsport started producing four-roller cart, known as Fuzions. Fuzions larger and heavier than Razor and Micro. Early Fuzion has a larger, wider wheels, and very large pedal. Different from its predecessor, but Scooter, Fuzion NX, there are smaller, more durable wheels and handlebars can rotate 360 degrees.

In rare cases, freestyle scooter riders will be standard aluminum scooter conversion into four skating coaches. Russia's Timur Mamatov was the first to do that. This method of modified scooter did not pop up.

Stone relief of the Han dynasty discovered "Scooter"

"Scooter" was born in the 90 's of the last century Germany, this is the work of transport, China, is quickly becoming a children's toy. In recent days, friends @ 66, when his mother took his son to visit the forest, on a stone relief of the Han dynasty, also found a "Scooter", from a time perspective, than the Germans almost 2000 years earlier! netizens joked: is full of riders in ancient shadow!

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