Introduction to Scooter

- Apr 11, 2016-

As early as three years ago, the scooter has been introduced into China, but prices were too high, few people on it

Interest. Until recently, its price suddenly decline, coupled with production house were crazy about it to intensify its marketing to make it "big Wang" skateboarding is the most important vehicle must have a high level of savvy and guts, this is in line with imaginative, tastes of teenagers who likes challenges, Scooter has become the trend of the new generation of adolescents sports products. Obviously, its charm can be comparable to skateboard!

Near a years domestic children skateboard car also appeared, especially with seat of small skateboard car, a age of children on can sat sliding has, to big points split off seat on can is big children love play of surf huabanche has, and with technology of progress, as original space technology Shang application of gravity steering, technology also application in children skateboard car Shang, makes children play skateboard of security sharply improve.

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