Skateboard parts

- Apr 11, 2016-

1. Board (deck), and 1 is in general the five-story, seven-story, nine layers of maple wood microwave cold pressed into. Aluminum, carbon fiber and other materials of the surface. Now sheet, plate head and tail is cocked. Personal favorite is 20cm*81cm size, surface of the tip is slightly rounded. 22cm plate surface, surface on which it could be you pool, which holds a plate of feet more, making it more robust in u-pool. 19cm, mostly on flat roads used by the Board, after a class plate pasta with small wheels, made moves to a flexible and fast. In addition, different company boards, CONCAVE depth are not the same. Some riders like to deep CONCAVE Board, this can be more convenient and flap-related actions, OLLIE is also more stable.

2. Sand (Griptape), 1, stuck to the Panel surface to increase friction with the sole, control skateboards.

3. Bridge (truck), 2, is made of metal parts, it is fixed on the plate below, wheel on the bridge. Bridge can make a turn, and you can adjust it's cornering speeds and angles.

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