Skateboarding basic introduction

- Apr 11, 2016-

In the late 1850 of the 19th century, across the Pacific, descendants of Edison's inventive fantasy of ancient Chinese people became more or less

Real. Early 50 's United States West Coast is the place where beach-goers to try. They use the normal wood and expensive, made from balsa wood surfboards on the wave of fun. By the middle of the 50 's, molded polyurethane foam and fiberglass instead of wooden surfboard. These surfboard mobiles and durability makes surfing in the late 50 popular.

Skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land. Former limited by geographic and climatic conditions, whereas the latter have more degrees of freedom. Residents of sunny southern California beach communities soon produced the first skater in the world.

Today, it is quite a simple invention: 50*50CM piece of wood fixed to the roller iron wheels. Even such a simple exercise, because it provides surf brings the same feeling, also has attracted enough interest.

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