Skateboarding history

- Apr 11, 2016-

The end of the 80, as skateboarding's own development and riders on skateboarding skills require improvement, and in order to adapt to the u-shaped pool (vert ramp) bi-directional gliding of need, a skateboard with three completely different ends of the raised, symmetrical skateboard appeared, and this is the fourth generation of skateboards. Current riders is the fourth generation of skateboards. Fourth generation skateboard switched to hard rock Maple lighter weight, better elastic. skateboard wheels, high hardness, good flexibility, suitable for high speed taxi. Because of the weight and balance, the fourth generation of skateboarding is more suitable for a variety of flips.

Beginning of the 90, skateboarding has gone into a trough. Because in times of skateboarding generation, skate from one side to two, resulting in a number of previous-generation skateboard action impossible. This is skateboarding skill moves (technical tricks) era. Riders who invented a lot of new moves. In order to make it easier for skateboarding Flip Skateboards became narrower boards, the wheels became smaller. This time a typical skateboard 7 inches width, wheel diameter of only about 39mm. Skateboarding makes it easier to make complex actions like this, but smaller-wheel prevents the glide performance.

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