Battery Savage? A Misunderstanding Of The Electric Car

- Apr 11, 2016-

2015 become the electric-car sales in the world's largest country, China, people's interest in electric vehicle safety also increases. Electric ignition of the newspapers from time to time reports, individuals worried about the radiation issue coming in succession, allow enterprises to worry about, and consumer confusion.

Electric vehicle safety, or specifically, battery safe? As with the petrol tank and oil, it also needs to undergo a rigorous testing and inspection. Xinhua interviewed some enterprises and researchers.

Batteries currently used in electric vehicles for radiation issues, China's BYD Wang chuanfu, President says: "the worry is redundant, our products comply with the regulations of the country ... ... Frankly the bus voltage is 750 volts, in fact, like our friends to take the subway in Beijing Shanghai, subway is 1500 volts, nearly a 1 time, subway does not have to worry about electromagnetic interference, so not to worry about the sat our bus. So please rest assured, take the electric bus is safe. "

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