Like A Devil's Pace: Lexus Principle Of Magnetic Skateboard Show

- Apr 11, 2016-

The IFW, Evico Lexus Hoverboard from Dresden corporate scientists jointly developed, except for the skateboards, skateboarding sites of the project also includes a 200-meter-wide, namely in the video appear in the skateboard park. In fact, this park is equipped with a permanent magnet technology and equipment, in other words, this only by custom ground skateboarding really float.

Evico, Chief Executive, Oliver de Haas introduced the principle of the magnetic skateboard, skateboarding equipment within the superconductor can be bound "magnetic track" skateboarding and ground formation of repulsion, and make it float up, ensure that hover in the air. This force is strong enough to bear the weight of the rider, and even jump on the skateboard hit. This magnetic skateboard the maximum design load of 200kg.

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