Opportunities Are Everywhere: 12 Year Old Girl Selling Electric-driven Skateboard Easy Start-up

- Apr 11, 2016-

Mobbs was a self-employed mother, she learned the business from his mother, at the age of 8 she was selling lemonade, at the age of 10 she began attending weekly candle sales in the secondary market, and her own website started out as a scooter with only 10 samples, now can sell 5 skateboard trucks per day, weekly sales of about 30 cars.

Her brother to help advertise the business, he said: "we are using social media, and it's all free. "Thus Mobbs recommend others who want to venture Australia people brainstorming, finding their own perfect plan, she said:" only after 100 ideas in order to find a viable, so even if you don't succeed to continue trying. ”

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