Ten Roads In Beijing The Forbidden Electric Two Wheelers Travel Without Penalty

- Apr 11, 2016-

City traffic management Bureau recently released electric car ban on new rules from next Monday (April 11), the Chang an Street and its extension, such as ten road bicycle, prohibit electric two-wheel vehicle and non-vehicle access. Yesterday, the municipal traffic management Bureau explained that, although the electric two wheelers on the road ban, but can use the ban on road travel. In addition, there are lots on the market do not meet the requirements of speed, heavy electric two-wheelers, in case of traffic accident disputes, these electric two wheelers tend to be identified as a motor vehicle. In this regard, the municipal traffic management Bureau explained that these standard electric two-wheelers also must comply with the ban on new regulations.

The evening rush hour yesterday afternoon, Beijing times reporters visited the forbidden sections of Chang an Jie (Jianguomen to fuxingmen) section of Fu you Jie road, Jian Guo men Wai da Jie (guomao bridge to Jianguomen bridge) sections found electric two-wheelers for speeding, running red lights, reverse more than chaos. Most electric two-wheel vehicle owners said, ban will select detour.

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